30.07.10 — Plantaholics anonymous

Designer Jill Billington excels at creating small city gardens with such seductive planting that her clients are soon addicted to gardening too. Article by Andrew Wilson, Gardens Illustrated August 2010 pg96-98 images Marianne Majerus

27.07.10 — Dynamic Planting

Dynamic Planting for Public and garden Spaces - Andrew Wilson will look at the future of garden design at Palmstead Nurseries' 3rd annual soft landscape workshop on Wednesday 22nd September 2010

Soft landscape workshop

22.07.10 — Cumberland Lodge Conference

Why do we love gardens and find them so engaging? In what ways do they do us good? How can the social benefits of gardens and gardening be maximised? And, what should we be doing with our gardens now to make sure the benefits they can bring us will be secured for the future?

Confirmed speakers include: Ursula Bu chan, Mike Calnan, Gilly Drummond and Andrew Wilson.

Conference details

11.07.10 — Telegraph article on the New Savill Rose Garden

Wilson is well known in the gardening world as the RHS's chief assessor, judging the gardens at Chelsea Flower Show, as well as the founder and principal of the London College of Garden Design, but since as a designer his work has focused more on private gardens, this is a fascinating public exposé of his design skills, which is sure to be scrutinised forensically by those whose work he has marked and criticised at the shows. I think he emerges triumphantly.

Telepgraph Article

05.07.10 — Oasis gardens

The wild plants and arid landscapes of Steve Martino’s native Arizona inspire his stylish, desirable gardens. Article by Andrew Wilson in Gardens Illustrated, July  pg 92 -94 

05.07.10 — Wimbledon Uncommon in Gardens Illustrated

Wimbledon garden reviewed in the July edition of Gardens Illustrated pages 76-79 article by Annie Gatti photographs by Marianne Majerus

19.06.10 — Times article on the New Savill Rose Garden

Stephen Anderton is quoted as saying 'I have nerve seen a rose garden look healthier' and when you look at the garden plan it's like a spinning planet, with vapour trails flying outwards in colourful arcs. This is a very Modern Rose Garden.  

07.06.10 — The Queen opens the New Savill Rose Garden

Her Majesty The Queen recently opened the new Rose Garden at The Savill Garden, Windsor Great Park, and enjoyed a tour of this exciting contemporary Garden with the Chairman and Chief Executive of The Crown Estate. The Rose Garden opens to the public from 15 June 2010.

Crown Estate Press Release

01.06.10 — NGS Garden Scheme

New entry into the National Gardens scheme - Wimbledon Garden designed by Andrew Wilson and Gavin McWilliam opens to the public on the 6th June from 2-6pm.

The garden revolves around an elliptical lawn flanked by borders divided by yew hedges providing structure and compartments for the wide variety of planting. Terrace with reflecting pool. Vegetable garden. Gravel paths but lawn access to most of the garden.


NGS Garden Finder

01.06.10 — Immaculate Jungles

Influenced by C, designer Raymond Jungles makes charismatic gardens full of richly exotic planting. Article by Andrew Wilson, Gardens Illustrated June 2010 pg 92-94 photographs Raymond Jungles inc/Steven Brooke